Tuesday, 3 March 2015

New Look Blog

So, if you are new here, great! If you have been here before you will notice some changes. Unfortunately my original Website/Blog I created was not compatible with certain sites including Mumsnet Bloggers, Bloglovin etc, therefore I have had to start entirely from scratch!  I wasn't entirely sure what I was doing when I started (not that I do now...) and some money down the drain later, here I am on Blogger, a free blogging platform, I wish someone had told me; but new year, fresh start, I'm being positive about it! I am yet to change my domain name over, here's hoping I can do that!

So with this new blog, comes a plan, and a structure (who'd have thought!?) I don't want to have put my energies in to it without purpose. I intend to join up with some Linky's on Fashion, Food, Parenting and more, so hopefully I will have a few posts weekly.
Linky's are something I read about all the time on twitter, but in honesty I do not know where to start or how to join them! But watch this space _____!

Also regarding Youtube, I am still finding my feet, but expect some new Vlogs, ( I feel I have been getting a bit lackadaisical in filming him recently, and I don't want to forget a thing!) as well as some Hauls and favourites videos!

Let me know what you think of my new look blog and If you have any tips on what could improve it!
I am always open to blog post and video ideas too, so don't be shy :)

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