Thursday, 25 August 2016

Theo, 2 year update x

Well Theo what a little Character you are! A cheeky, chirpy chatterbox! 
Honestly I am sure you now know more words than you don't! 
Daddy was playing with you the other day, and asked you to pass him the 'squid' and you said "no daddy it's an octopus!"

Today I fell about laughing when you came out with "well I suggest..." I swear I could have wet myself! You also have started to say "I suppose" and "what happened?" every now and again.  I chuckle to myself as I am now learning what I must say in abundance!

Your most frequent question is "what's that noise?" The sound track to my day, and because of which, you have now learnt to differentiate between motorbikes, aeroplanes, ambulances, police cars, lawn mowers etc.. you now tell me what they are! 

The other big word is "careful." I realise I must tell you this 100 times a day. You now tell me to "be careful mummy" which is so very sweet!

You are a careful boy though, and gentle in nature although naturally quite heavy handed. You are very loving to you brother though, and know not to be rough as he is only little. You take on tasks with sensible caution, such as the big climbing frames and slides, you are brave and will accomplish them...but "carefully!" Haha!

You went to your first proper birthday party yesterday in a Soft Play Centre, and I was amazed. It was your little friend Charlies birthday (from swimming) and he was 4.  You may have been only half their age but you were definitely braver than some of the big boys! 
There were a couple of bigger girls taking you around the different slides and frames. At first you were apprehensive about going in the under 5's bit without me, however 15 mins in and you were with the bigger girls in the under 12's bit!!! Coming down a 3 story slide on YOUR OWN!!! The other parents were as amazed as me!! I have a thrill seeker on my hands! You had so much fun!

You ate very little real food, but enough cake and sweets to sink a were happy though :)
You sang and ate sweets all the way home! 

You love singing, namely TV show theme tunes (FiFi and the flower tots, Mickey mouse clubhouse etc) but row row row your boat, wheels on the bus and twinkle twinkle all get a turn. The Hot Dog song is a firm favourite... Complete with dance moves! Mickey mouse has a lot to answer for.... I have had to stop giving you food in 3's such as blue berries, mini cheddar's, carrots and chopped banana ... anything divisible by 3 can be made into Mikey mouse heads...and then you won't eat them!!

You are becoming such a big boy! You have now done 2 poo's on the potty successfully, but little has happened for a while..we will keep trying though!

You are down to have your little trial at pre-school next month (only for 6 hours a week) and I am so not ready to let you go... but you are ready for new adventures, regularly asking for your  "Ee-o" (Sofia) as you want a little friend to play with.

You have started for the first time recently to go out on short trips or walks with daddy, to see nanny or on the hill, and you love it. You don't want to come home! Your open mind and little legs want to explore, and I can't hold you back.

You keep asking me to go see the "winos" "muddys" and the "wraffes" again, so I am so glad I bought the zoo pass! I have a feeling there will be many adventures there...we've been 3 times already in a month!

You are so amazing and unbelievably cute, I wish I could bottle up the sound of your laugh and your energy; your little expressions, phrases and body language are just so sweet and funny. I am so proud to be your mummy, I love you so much, you funny little being!

Until next time xxx

Milo, happy 5 months!

Wow Miley...How time flies! 
You are just over 5 months old now and still, you are a dream. 
You have a beautiful, infectious smile and cackle, and you already have a funny little sense of humour! 
We have a lovely little laugh the two of us. And I love hearing your stories. You love your big brother too, always flashing your little gummy grin when he is about, whilst rolling around the carpet.

Currently you are a drool monster, I have had to change your t-shirt 4 times today as you were soaked through from all the teething dribble! You have two definite little white toothy pegs now, and they are very sharp! You are so bitey bitey all the time... it's a real shame, but you are being a brave little soul about it all.

You had a friend over today while Theo was napping. Her name is Ivy and I know her mummy from when I was young and in school. You two gurgled away and we chatted, you both enjoyed the fresh air in the swing and looking at the fish tank, it was very sweet, your first little friend.

You have won a competition, looking for a beautiful baby boy model... to advertise their company! How exciting, so we are going to have your pictures taken on Monday! My handsome little chappy.

Today I gave you your first little meal...smushed up were quite interested, but much more so when I added some mashed potato into the mix, you got very messy but loved it! You are growing up too quickly!!

We are still breastfeeding and co-sleeping and I am very happy with this are too! You are now officially as long as the Snuz Pod I bought...that has barely been used! So hopefully I can find it another home...currently it is a very expensive bed guard!

Anyway just a short little update of where you are at... I am so scared of forgetting!
You are currently fast asleep in the crook of my arm. I love you so so dearly, you truly are my little ray of sunshine, always so smiley and giving of your wondrous little self.
N'night my precious treasure x