Home and other comforts

My life, home and meals have changed dramatically since the arrival of my special little man, so 'home and hostessing' is somewhat a different skill set from before; I'm beginning whole new journey of 'one-pan wonders' child friendly food and storage solutions. The days of chandelier appreciation, are ether far behind me, or far ahead (whichever way you prefer to look at it.)

During pregnancy (especially towards the end,) I went 'nesting mad.' Most people put their feet up and enjoy their last few weeks of sleep. I on the other hand was up ladders (Don't try this at home), painting walls, moving home and senseless over storage solutions. Everything had to be just right and I wanted to be extra prepared; to make life easier for myself later (to the point of separating mascaras from lipsticks, and lip gloss from nail varnish...)  Crazy, when you think that not so long ago my bedroom was almost ‘Tate’ worthy, being closer to a Tracey Emin master piece, than that of an organised 'family living' environment.

Now don't get me wrong here, I am not a ‘neat freak’ nor do I have any form of ‘OCD’ in the organisation of clutter department. Yet life for me has changed, and I am set on making daily living as easy as it can be. (With a baby that currently does not 'go down' unless to play... my hands are somewhat tied from their original culinary and creative freedom; even with a baby sling.)

So here it is unlikely you will find blogs of the 3 course 'a la carte' nature. Instead i'll be posting quick, easy and tasty meals, simple but creative DIY, and some budget home and lifestyle improvements. Expect everything and anything 'home' based, from my new found family living.

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