Freestyle Parenting

Why we're going 'freestyle.'

To be honest, its pretty simple. You can't plan babies. They arrive when their ready, they do things their way and at their own pace. What works for one, does not work for all... probably why we weren't all given a manual on leaving the hospital... (if you did get one, i'd love to read it!)          

Parenting in my very short experience is a two way street, neither party can dictate to the other. Individuals come in all shapes and sizes, with their own needs, comforts, temperaments, likes and dislikes; the same goes for babies and children. They are just little people; merely smaller variations of ourselves  and there is no handbook to the human race. Where these little people differ however, is in their inability to communicate effectively. Babies and children are both physically and mentally fragile, sponges to their visual surroundings and swallowing every fluff of new information available.  From day 1 we are honing our new human, constantly moulding, sketching, shaping; with or without intention, and in turn we too are re-adjusted to requirement.

These are just some of the things I hear regularly, I must do 'this,' or 'that', to prevent 'this' or 'that,' There is a counter argument to every parenting style, whether its 'positive' parenting or 'attachment' parenting, 'cultivating culture' etc etc. However here at my house, were just taking things one day at a time; discovering what does and what doesn't work for us. Forcing pre conceived, textbook or social ideals on yourself and your baby, will just make you both unhappy.

 Before my beautiful bundle arrived, I never thought I would be a (persevering) breastfeeding, co-sleeping and babywearing mamma. That is how motherhood for me has turned out so far, some things are through choice, others born from circumstance, but where we are now, is where feels most natural, trusting our instinct, nature is rarely wrong.

I have no intentions of telling anyone how to do anything, that would go against my whole ethos. I will be merely be sharing with you my experience of being mamma for the first time; the trials, tribulations, good, bad, slobbery and sticky... and if I help another along the way, then that's a bonus.

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