Saturday, 31 December 2016

NYE Year in Review and Annual Questionnaire

Where has the year gone? I am sure I say this every year, but in merely a blink of Milo's beautiful eyelashes...another year has passed and at a full throttle pace! 2016 has been terrible year for many, and there have been a large amount of high profile deaths this year from Actors to Comedians and in Music world especially.

Donald Trump has been Elected US President, 'Brexit' happened, and too many lives have been lost and turned upside down, in Paris, Berlin, and most poignantly Syria - to name but a few! Families have been fleeing there homes, children have drowned trying to find safety in further lands...All proving the WORLD HAS GONE MAD. Feeling more of a hippy than ever, truly craving world peace and love to all.

Every year I become more protective of my Bubble, pushing out the media influences, the news is not welcome in my home, and I chose carefully what information my self and my boys consume, in my own personal fight against the toxicity around us.

In tragic new closer to home the boys Nanny has had a Terminal Diagnosis :( which is something we will need to work though next year, it is heartbreaking,

Disregarding all of the above, 2016 for us has been a great year, my little family has increased by 1 whole remarkable little human of whom we could now not imagine life without. It is amazing how my two boys have grown together, as little best buddies, already a little troublesome twosome, and I just cannot wait to indulge and watch them grow. Dolly throws another element to the mix and certainly gets involved too, I feel truly blessed and that my bubble is complete. I am so very lucky.

Don't get me wrong, there a plenty of really tough days, but over all I would't change a thing.

Work wise my business is slowly taking shape, I am learning a lot as I go, and don't have half the time I need available to devote to it.  However given my circumstances and in choosing to look after my children full time, as well as trying to start my own tiny empire, things aren't too bad at all!

I have decided to create my own family NYE Tradition, of filling out a little questionnaire each year, to see how the kids have grown and changed, and what we have all achieved/ what our interests are etc, to look back on each year.

Here are our Updates of 2016... I will be sure to be cross referencing last years!


Theo: 2.5
Milo: 9 .5 months

Theo: 96cm

Favourite Colour
Theo: Blue
Milo: Red ( I think...judging by your favourite Teletubby!)

Favourite Animal
Theo: Sloth!!! followed by  Turtles, Monkeys, Girraffes and the Mingo's! (flamingo's)
Milo: The sloth is his spirit animal...

Favourite Song
Theo: The finger song (mummy finger) Incy wincy spider, Old macdonald, Let it Go and Rudolf the red nose reindeer
Milo: Anything by Lou Reed

Favourite Story
Theo: Slowly Slowly said the sloth, We're going on a bear hunt, Bears on chairs
Milo: Just bites the book

Favourite TV Show
Theo: Mickey mouse Club house
Milo: Teletubbies

Favourite Film
Theo: Toy Story 1 2 3, Finding Nemo/Dory, Frozen, Dinosaur
Milo: Whatever Theo decides

Favourite Food
Theo: Toast and beans, chocolate pizza, banana porridge
Milo: Anything in reach! but loves mummy's homemade chocolate and banana pancakes   

Favourite Toys/games
Theo: Jigsaws, Train set, Toy Story figures, Animals and Dinosaurs (that he baths!) Not forgetting Singing Rudolf he stole from Nanny!
Milo: Anything he can bite... and the Jumparoo!

Best friends:
Theo: Milo and Sofia
Milo: Theo

New friends
Theo: Mia from Pre School
Milo: Ivy and Josh

Milestone Achievements:
Theo: Started Pre School, Started Potty Training, Amazing Language, Drinking from a cup (at last), Jigsaw extraordinaire (24 piece with no help), Swims like a fish, Sleeps through the night!
Milo: Rolling, says Mumma, can crawl (backwards) Eats a variety of food (still on boobies too) , Stands holding on to, and walking the furniture

My favourite activities:
Theo: Swimming, Singing, Dancing, Painting, craft and playing outside
Milo: BITING Jumping, swimming, baths and being thrown about (playfully) 

Favourite places:
Theo: The Zoo!!! The park, Rascals soft play, Tamo'shanter farm, The ice cream farm, Swimming baths, Nannys and Grandmas/Gran D's
Milo: Wherever mummy is!

Bedroom theme/colour:
Theo: Heritage Blue Nautical
Milo: Pale green Woodland

We have spent this NYE in bed early, as we are all poorly, sleeping in the Spare room at Gran D's - a huge change from the parties from years gone by! Both my boys are restless, and although I normally like them, the fireworks are loud and disruptive, however I feel grateful that it is only one night of Celebratory bangs. In my over tired and poorly state, drifting in and out of sleep, I cannot help but think of all the children in the War zones around the world, for whom the bangs, noise and disruption are the norm... I am so very lucky to be warm in my bed, safe with my two babies either side. May 2017 bring us closer to Peace on Earth. Love to All.

Until Next year! x

Friday, 23 December 2016

A perfect Saturday - Swimming and SANTA!!

2 weeks ago, on Saturday, was a perfect day.
Now most of our days are pretty special, but this one, in all it's simplicity, seemed absolutely perfect!

I wanted to make a note of it, but already the memory is hazy...there is just so much going on, my mind cannot recall everything I desire it too!
I will try to recall what I can, for I love to look back on our time, even now.

One thing that made this specific Saturday special was swimming with your best friend Sofia. We hadn't swam with her for so long, and as little Miley bounced up and down in grandmas arms from the side lines, spectating; you and I had a whale of a time! We splished and we sploshed, rolling around in the shallows, and  we kicked our legs swimming in the deep. We bounced in the waves that threw us around, and you were just so full of smiles, and so elated I was set to burst! 
There was a sense of guilt I had not taken you swimming on your own with Fifi before now, ( and likewise because Miley was on the sides)... but I enjoyed our moment, and it was amazing! 

After we had got dressed, we were in a rush to get to the shop Thingwall, as I promised you could meet Santa, (you have been learning lots about him and his reindeer and the special job he has) I was unsure of whether you would be shy, scared, or pleased...turns out you two were best buddies!

Honestly Theo, I could not believe the confidence that exuded from you little body...this tiny tot with fine wild curls just tentatively edged his way closer and closer to see the big man in red. Once you had decided things were 'safe' you stomped up to Father Christmas, shook his hand and said "Hi santa!" I was almost crying laughing at your boldness. Perfect! You had bypassed all the other children looking at him, straight up onto his knee, and in no time you were having a (2 year old) chat with him, You told him you had sent a letter for presents, and that baby Milo liked Teletubbies, so could he get him some Teletubbies things?(as he is too young to write a letter) as well as requesting your toys. You stood to the side of him while the other kids sat on his knee, and i sat on the floor with you on my knee so you could watch...

When there was no one left, back up to him you went, shyly singing him songs, jingle bells, little donkey and the mickey mouse club house song 😂 You are so funny! A couple of bags of Haribo and a few high fives later, (and on receiving a full description of sleighs and reindeer antics,) you were content to come away. Milo was hungry  so I fed him on the front seat of the car, and you watched Santa leave the building and get into his car (to take him to his magic sleigh of course) and sang "santa in the car goes brum brum brum" (wheels on the bus tune) all (ride home) long!

Love you, you little nutter xx