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When your whole world has been shaken, stirred and splattered into a million milky burps, there is no more important time to keep a constant...It's good to feel like you. Okay, so your look may have changed a bit, you may be slightly fuller than you once were, (or you might have snapped back into your pre pregnancy shape like a rubber band. Good for you..)


I however, write this post, whilst my beautiful baby sleeps snuggled soundly into the stripy sack, where my stomach used to be. 

Obviously we're not all the same, some need their hair a certain way, others like to have their nails manicured at all times, and others are comfy as nature intended.

For me , I am not me without my face partially applied. Call it what you will, but even in the earliest days i could gain 5 hours sleep with just a bit of blusher and lipstick. Obviously we all have the pyjama days, in fact for the first 8 weeks I wore solely black wide leg £6.00 pyjama bottoms, in bed to sleep, in the house for comfort and to go out (not the same pair... I stocked up, yet I'd be lying if I said they never crossed over in function.) Yet it's good to feel good.


Tiredness is a massive influence on how we present ourselves and sure, there's days I don't get chance to brush my teeth, never mind get out the face crayons! Yet simply looking like me, makes me feel less tired and more in control, and if i get the chance to shower, or bath... well I'm Wonder-woman! 


Fashion started to go by the wayside during pregnancy, I discovered leggings and whole heartedly indulged.Although I was way above average (HUGE!) in size, I managed to buy less than 6 maternity items. It was hot, too, too hot, so a long vest with my trusty leggings and a kaftan if I wanted to 'hide' my unusually large arms was the uniform. Super light baggy summer dresses were useful too, i picked up a few for £5.00 each and I am sure they played their part in the prevention of me passing out.(It really was hot.)


I thought things were sure to get easier in the fashion stakes after my 10lb 5 creation, placenta and everything else left the building. Don't get me wrong, I didn't expect to get my old skinny's on, but I hadn't envisaged what can only be described as a deflated tyre or balloon. Rubbery, loose and wrinkly. The tight vests I was wearing during my pregnancy, definitely needed a friendly extra layer to join them.


As if worrying about the added weight, and saggy sack wasn't enough, you then have to factor in 'feeding/nursing.' You need to be able to pull up, or down, whilst still hiding the post pregnancy bumps....


So hear you have it, this is my beauty and fashion journey, venturing out to find the best quick fix beauty buys and a stylish yet practical, comfortable 'capsule' wardrobe for this stage of motherhood.(No-one likes too much laundry). so with my pre pregnancy clothes tucked safely in a vacuum bag, as they may do for decades... wish me luck!

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