Friday, 6 March 2015

Rock Chic and Chap #fashionfriday

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Ok, so far my blogging hasn't had much structure in regards to when and what, therefore I thought along with trying to organise my life, it would be good to organise my blog... And who knows, it might even organise my thoughts a little!

My blog is broad in it's topic terms, so much so that I could have daily topics... But baby steps...(I don't want to scare myself!)

Firstly along with my 'What I want Wednesday' I have decided to do a 'Fashion Friday' post.  I am pretty sure this title has been taken 10 times over, but it fits. The plan is over the course of the week, to decide on my ( and little T's) favourite outfit - we have worn during the last 7 days; then take a few pictures and let you know where they are from etc.

Here is this weeks outfit from a Birthday Party we attended:

THE LOOK - Rock Chic

I say rock 'chic' rather than 'chick' as I'm not sporting a leather. For this look I teamed a black swing dress (£12.00 Boohoo) with a Photo printed duster jacket (£25.00 Boohoo)

Bold Red lips anyone?

Photo galaxy print jacket

As much as I love my necklaces, and I did think one would set this look off perfectly, I was spending the night holding little T, therefore I thought better of it... Little hands get everywhere... As well as hair! I opted instead for long wing earrings... 'pull-able' as they are! (Please excuse my potential addition to the dictionary) These were a gift from my mum, bought from a craft fair, but you will find similar ones around.

The bracelet is Prunella, and I love the way it hangs down your hand with chained fringing, this was about £40, bought whilst I was on holiday some years ago. I love it. The only snag... (I feel a horrible pun coming...) is that it frequently 'snags' - catches on the clothes I am wearing.

Tingy's outfit was also rock inspired with the leather jacket, I actually bought it before he was born, in fact it was the first baby item I ever bought, before even knowing his gender... (Totally practical of course!) It was a total bargain at £12.00 ( half price) from the Next outlet. I am so glad I didn't pass it up!

I teamed it with a pale blue striped shirt from Mothercare, and some navy chinos/jeans from Florence and Fred at Tesco.

The cutest little tan boots were also Florence and Fred, and unfortunately are not going to last very long, as they only just fit comfortably... But at £1.50 in the sale... How can I complain!?!


  1. Love what little rock stars you both are, you look stunning, adore the accessories too and your son is too cute! Thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday x

    1. Thanks you very much, just getting started with Linky's, thanks for having us :) xx