Monday, 23 February 2015

Approaching my birthday, and enjoying getting old!

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So as the days draw closer, my 'Big Birthday' beckons... Not your traditional 'big birthday' but for me this birthday is a pinnacle point in my life. In 2 days time, I am going to be 25! Still a spring chicken yet halfway to 50, and the age I focused around throughout my teenage years.

 At 25 I was going to be a settled 'grown up,'  educated, having had my 'fun,' (whatever that means) knowing what I was doing,  where I was going, in a great career, married, starting a family and living the dream.
I spent most of my late teenage years pretending that I was indeed 25, I looked much older, in fact I don't seem to have aged at all...(think Dorian Gray - except since 15, I have looked 30.)
I chose to 'be' and 'act' 25, as I was convinced it was the age I wanted to be. I thought that being older - 25 to be precise, somehow commanded more respect.. (and helped get you into clubs when you are just 16.)

Now looking back I find it quite humorous that I was so certain it was the 'age' for me, and I wonder what my younger self would make of the real aged '25' me? I wonder if I will live up to my own expectations?

So as the big day beckons, for the year I put on a such a pedestal; here are the things I am now most looking forward to, at 24 about being 25:

1. Not going out partying -
Yes you read that correctly. I actually cannot bear clubbing, crowded pubs, lack of personal breathing space, too loud music, sore feet, cold shoulders, long waits for taxis and hangovers. 
Having a small baby helps to stop me feeling socially obligated to go out and 'enjoy' myself,  and it's also nice to feel of an age where I no longer feel I need to prove to myself that I am 'young and carefree' needing to get the partying out of my system before it's too late.

2. Not feeling so body conscious and competitive -
I have now passed my prime, and I am never going to make it as a Victoria's Secret model. I have grown a human, have stretch marks, sag in places I don't like, and would like to be slimmer.. but to be honest, I wasn't much different at 15. Except now I need not compete with the toned torso and beautiful bum brigade, as I am a grown 'Woman' and mother, and have more important things to worry about.

3. Not being hung up about that Hogwarts letter. . .
OK so deep down I probably know that my mum didn't hide the letter from me, and therefore didn't actually single handedly prevent me from accomplishing magical adventures with imminent dangers; giving me a chance to save or change the world. It isn't her fault the space between platform's 9 and 10 do not open for me. You make your own story and I just never got around to slaying a dragon or saving the whales, I didn't even manage to prevent a war of elves, or successfully survive in a Zombie Apocalypse... I haven't been a hero. Yet now with a tiny tot under my constant supervision and being my sole responsibility, I don't feel it would be wise to part take in such adventures these days anyway. Protection is paramount, and parenting is it's own magical adventure, where I am the Hero everyday. 

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