Wednesday, 18 February 2015

February firsts - 7month update

So it seems like Christmas was only last week, and here we are at another 'holiday.' People laughed when I said the year was flying by in January,  but it really is!
There have been so many little developments in my house since the festive period and my heart is ready to burst!
Yesterday for the first time he went in his new 'big boy' car seat, facing forwards! I have to say we loved it, as it is so much easier for me to comfort him, if he is upset when we are driving...he also seemed more content at being high up and able to look out of the window - the little nosy parker he is!
This month he has tried his first slice of birthday cake...(I'm sure there's still crumbs around to prove it) and has started to take a regular nap time (Hip hip Horray!)
Development wise he is chatting away with variants on dada, baba, iya, nada, nana, wawa, mama, umum, etc... and is pulling himself to standing on the furniture..then bouncing! He is still crawling backwards, yet I am pretty sure he will give up on that all together when he can muster standing and moving unaided.  He has been sitting since 5 months unaided, but still only has the two little toothy pegs that arrived at 4 months.
The biggest change I have noticed though is his little personality shining through, he is charmingly cheeky, funny and flirtatious, and finds so many things hillarious, with an infectious dimpled darling giggle that melts my heart every time I hear it. He truly is the love of my life and my most perfect February valentine! ♥

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