Monday, 18 July 2016

A Super Duper 2nd Birthday!

Well this past week has been a busy one to say the least! And there has been weeks of prep work prior to creating the perfect birthday for you! 
Daddy has spent approximately 20 hrs in the Garden building your super duper 'climbing frame house/ meets den/fort with triple swings and a huge wavy slide!' Someone is a lucky boy!!! Nanny and Granddad, Gran D, Auntie Catherine, Mummy and Daddy have all chipped in towards it, and I hope you and Milo will have a good few years of fun out of it! 

Grandma has even donated a cupboard from her bathroom for your cafe' /kitchen/shop and it doesn't look too bad at all after a simple paint job!

We started birthday celebrations the day before your actual birthday, and let you have one present that morning. It was a big dinosaur (Pachyrhinosaurus I think!) It seemed very apt as there is a big dinosaur exhibit on at Chester Zoo at the moment, which is where we were going for the day. 

You just love 'Assaurs!' (Which does indeed sound like Ass holes from your cherub like chops!) 
In honesty I cannot help but smirk to myself every time I hear it, before informing you 'dinosaurs' does in fact start with a D.... but no rush...

My favourite part of our zoo escapade was only 30 mins in... when you just walked up to a Chester Zoo worker in your little yellow raincoat and said "Me at Zoo!.... Anmals...Ephants...Monkeys!" All so excitedly ... I felt so proud of how confident and excited you were.
I Loved how you just wanted to share your excitement..and tell someone you were at the zoo! 

"OOH lovely" said the lady "what are you going to see next...?" 
"Anmals...Assaurs!" You confidently shout! 
I smile and say "Yes Theo, we're going to see some dinosaurs" and watch her knowingly smirk as well.

I am really glad I bought a years membership pass as you really loved it. We will get our moneys worth I am sure as we didn't manage to see half of the animals that are there. There is just so much to see, and your little legs are only so long.

 You kept trying to walk and direct us back to the monkeys...therefore I assume they were your ultimate favourite? Closely followed by the tortoises and turtles. There wasn't anything you did not seem to be fascinated by, asking "A FA?" (What's that) to all the ones you didn't know the names of. You liked the baby 'Bambi' Deer and were eager for us to go to the Bats (brave little thing in the black bat cave!) WE managed to fit in the Febras (Zebras) and Wraffes (Giraffes) which you have always liked, from the pictures of them. You were a little unnerved the closer you got to the Giraffes as I don't think you expected them to be quite so large! 

We had a fab time and there was no tantrums! You were a bit unsure of the dinosaurs, hiding your eyes, but no tears, you were just wary. I think they were just overwhelming in size and to be honest I had no idea how real they would look and appear! I think you are one big brave boy!

I had a great time at the zoo with you, but it's definitely not as easy with 2 babies! Good job Daddy was on hand. Milo was excellent though all things considered. I certainly am learning that for a full day out, feeding stops and bathroom stops with a double buggy and 2 under 2's is hard going! Worth it though!

Wednesday was your actual birthday and I was so glad we didn't try to cram everything in to the one day. We managed to have a relaxed day whilst you did a little present hunt/trail. 

The hunt started in the bathroom (bath toys/crayons, so you could use them in your morning bath) and they then followed through the house; around the lounge, kitchen and into the garden where the big outdoor frame and your 360 spin seesaw was. 
I even dotted presents around the garden, in the swings and in the house and cafe. 

You were really good and wore a blindfold to go outside, and I was so pleased to hear the "Wowee!" Uttered from your overwhelmed little self!

You were over the moon! The present hunt took almost all day as you played with almost everything you opened before moving onto the next, but I love that. You are so gentle with the paper and take it at your own little pace, you don't just rip it off and rush through them, you really take your time. In fact you have over the week said "No don't rip it" and "fix it" too many super-cute times to count!

After a nap Sofia your best friend came round with your presents and a big 2 balloon for you (and helped you open the presents you hadn't got to yet.) She also brought a chocolate Caterpillar cake and you both had lots of fun running around and scoffing your little faces (not with the tea I made for you both mind you!) It was all just too exciting for you both I think!

After your actual birthday we were organising for your Party Weekend! I changed the day from the Saturday to the Sunday after a promise of rain, so Saturday you opened a ton of fabulous presents from Grandma, The Aunties and Gran D (after a morning with Sofia at the madhouse Soft play.) You were spoiled rotten with Peppa pig play sets, and a Dancing Mickey, a big Vroom garage and plenty of other great educational and other fun toys! You are one lucky boy!!

So Sunday was the big party day and I had been ordering all the decor for your party weeks before, as well as making your cake and cupcakes in the day or two before hand. The theme was 'Theo's Round up!' As you are so utterly in love with Woody and Toy story!  All the Family dressed up as Cowgirls/Cowboys and some of your little friends did too! You, Daddy and Milo were all dressed as Woody and you all looked amazing! 

We played pass the parcel and you ate lots of sweets cake and wotsits...despite me making little boxed homemade 'happy meals' for you all... you can't predict the tastes of toddlers!

I hope you had lots of fun!

 There were ball pond balls everywhere by the end of it and all the outdoor toys had been well played with. The space hoppers hopped and the cars were driven, seesaw was spun and bikes had been ridden!

 I was absolutely shattered by party bag time! We gave all your little friends a party bag with sweets, cake, little toy story army men and a play doh set each. We ended the evening with lots of swings in the towel for you and you cackled away laughing, all sugar drunk from marshmallows!

Well that leads us to today after an exhausting few days...I am happy to say I didn't get dressed today! After opening the presents from your party, Daddy took you to Nanny's for a couple of hours this morning whilst me an Milo put some order back into our home. We've been cleaning up from parties and re organising all the cupboards; to now house all your new things!! 

The lounge was like Toy story meets Fisher Price War zone this afternoon!

But we are all now back to full order (if there is any such thing) and I have enjoyed spending the late afternoon outside in our sunny garden..which is now practically as good as the Park! It is Safe to say that Smiley Miley loves the swings as much as you! Gurgling and giggling away as he goes back and forth. In fact he even falls asleep in it! He is such a little dream and you are such a gorgeous and funny boy! I have had great fun 'hiding' in your house with you both...who knew I could fit...never mind the 3 of us...and dolly! What a day! What a week!

I Cannot believe this time 2 years ago I was still just me...we had a rough ride getting you here, and although it still so vivid, it is also a lifetime ago. It is impossible to fathom that you, the wondrous little being I grew/created and will forever continue to nurture, has only been on this earth for two years!! 2 years!?!?! I feel like I have loved you a life time. Theodore, you make me the best version of me. My proudest and happiest moments have all been because of you and your baby brother. You are so full of joy and mischief, you are so full of love. Happy 2nd Birthday my big baby boy! Love you to the moon and back! Welcome to toddler hood...stay happy, inquisitive, caring and kind but most of all, keep enjoying the adventure! Xxx

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