Thursday, 25 August 2016

Milo, happy 5 months!

Wow Miley...How time flies! 
You are just over 5 months old now and still, you are a dream. 
You have a beautiful, infectious smile and cackle, and you already have a funny little sense of humour! 
We have a lovely little laugh the two of us. And I love hearing your stories. You love your big brother too, always flashing your little gummy grin when he is about, whilst rolling around the carpet.

Currently you are a drool monster, I have had to change your t-shirt 4 times today as you were soaked through from all the teething dribble! You have two definite little white toothy pegs now, and they are very sharp! You are so bitey bitey all the time... it's a real shame, but you are being a brave little soul about it all.

You had a friend over today while Theo was napping. Her name is Ivy and I know her mummy from when I was young and in school. You two gurgled away and we chatted, you both enjoyed the fresh air in the swing and looking at the fish tank, it was very sweet, your first little friend.

You have won a competition, looking for a beautiful baby boy model... to advertise their company! How exciting, so we are going to have your pictures taken on Monday! My handsome little chappy.

Today I gave you your first little meal...smushed up were quite interested, but much more so when I added some mashed potato into the mix, you got very messy but loved it! You are growing up too quickly!!

We are still breastfeeding and co-sleeping and I am very happy with this are too! You are now officially as long as the Snuz Pod I bought...that has barely been used! So hopefully I can find it another home...currently it is a very expensive bed guard!

Anyway just a short little update of where you are at... I am so scared of forgetting!
You are currently fast asleep in the crook of my arm. I love you so so dearly, you truly are my little ray of sunshine, always so smiley and giving of your wondrous little self.
N'night my precious treasure x

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