Monday, 27 June 2016

Welcome to the World Milo!

Well its been a bit longer than I had hoped, you are now 3 months old and I haven't yet put down a tiny thing about you... I feel a little guilty, but forgive me, for with a Newborn and a strong minded toddler...there hasn't been much time!
I used to write things about your big brother Theo when I was feeding, or in the middle of the night...but these days I am just so tired I drop to sleep too quickly to write. If I'm not sleeping, or feeding, I am gazing at you, analysing your little face whilst you sleep, those little smiles, revelling in how wonderful you are.

As I said I have very little time between the two of you, we are breastfeeding, you and I, and I tell you what, you are a natural! From birth you latched on great, glugging away for 40 mins at a time...we had a few difficult days (where you fed for 5 hours at a time) and I was so terribly sore and thought we wouldn't succeed. I was bleeding and you were starving (not were 10lb 3 born!) After some antibiotics for mastitis later and bath feeds..we were back on track and we haven't looked back!

The Dr's at the hospital said you were "absolutely perfect" (not that I needed reassuring) and you have been gaining on average 1lb a week!! You are a really big boy...but still my tiny baby. You have dark hair just like your brother did and your eyes are the brightest blue. I have a sneaky feeling they might stay that way...and then you might look a bit more like currently you are both Daddy's mini me's!!!

You are starting to look like YOU now, at first you were so like your brother at birth you could have been the same baby! Twins almost 2 years apart... but you have now developed you own little expressions and you can see the little differences in looks and personality.
I tell you what, I am so, so lucky in how wonderful your little temprement is. You truly are the most content baby I have are so happy, at first you were a little serious and hard to get a smile out of...
But now your little face falls into smiles all the time. You are just so beautiful and so happy, truly contented (I think it's the full tum!) I adore to just watch you. As well as bigger, you are much stronger than an average 3 month old baby and you have been throughout.

The Dr had to ask If I was sure you were only 6weeks at your check as you were as strong and as big as a 3month old then! I think I'm going to have my hands full with you! You can already roll a bit and almost pull yourself to sitting!

You are going through clothes at an insane rate and I am just so lucky Gran D is shop happy! You will never be short of anything while she enjoys shopping!

You love your dummy...I wasn't going to give you one (but after those 5 hr feeds) found that you needed it to help get you to sleep. You are great with it, and it really helps to get you to sleep, especially whilst you are teething...little dribble monster! I don't give you it unless you are due to sleep as I like to see you smile during the day!

You are quite a good sleeper...I am sure you would be even better if Theo didn't wake you every 5 minutes with his clodhopper feet jumping around, but he doesn't understand. He loves you very much and has been calling you "Baby" for 3 months, however we have now had one "Milo" and a few "Miley"s. He always checks you are coming with us, and isn't too keen on people he doesn't know holding you. You are his "Miley" of which he lets people know, "No my baby!"
He kisses you on the head (with sound effects.."MwAh" and shakes your arm (quite hard) shouting "Hewow" ....we are working on gentle...but you don't seem to mind, you just smile away in your happy little way, loving everything in little Milo land.

In honesty I was worried about what it was going to be like with 2 babies, and I couldn't comprehend how I could possibly have enough love for a 2nd baby...but My oh my...I was so wrong.
You truly are the most special little being, and I love you more than I can possibly express. You are edible! I am desperate to keep you little (although you are huge already!) Yet cannot wait to watch you grow and develop! I do love you so much at this little stage. You are perfect.

Already I am mourning the loss of each little stage that passes, I remember doing that with Theo...yet it seems more poignant this time. The little newborn milky stretch was a big one ...with your little bum and back arched like a snail...just so perfect. I am just trying to soak in as much as I can, try to absorb as much of this baby stage as possible, It is definitely harder this time around to just 'be' with you as there are a million other things happening all the time, but I try, everyday to take time out for just us.

My favourite things are sharing a bath with you, swimming (which you love) and playing 'mummy wobble head' where i shake my bun around on my head and it really makes you cackle laughing! I think there are probably some drivers laughing too, as it is definitely a favourite of yours on a pram walk...

Well now I am feeling exhausted, again...after a busy day, and having just finshed putting the 3rd size of too small clothes away into bags, so I am going to catch some sleep while you do!
You are lying in the co-sleeper sleeping beautiful.
I am truly overjoyed and the happiest I have ever been. So many wonderful things to come...Welcome to the World Baby Milo, we're going to have an amazing adventure! Xxxx

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