Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Letting go....

Today has been tiring, but lovely. We have been swimming with Daddy at Aqua tots, and as usual you were elated to be there. You walked in by yourself today, kicking and splashing, desperate to jump in and go, like the little duck you have become.

Aside from swimming we have played 'village' with all your little people and the cottage, putting policemen to bed and fireman in the bath.. and of course we had the school children running the emergency services! We laughed as I did all the different accents for each person, and you started to gabble away too, making them chat to each other. I love watching your imagination develop.

My definite highlight of today however is your new singing. "Let it gooooo, LET IT GOOOO...." which happened for the first time yesterday, yet today from the kitchen I heard " Let it goooo, LET IT GOOOOO....no do do do anymoooo" (to the tune) ...you just randomly burst into song. It was hilarious! I am both proud and tickled at your funny little ways.

A lot of today was spent rearranging furniture and cupboards, for you and the new baby. We were mostly drilling things to the wall..and moving your room around. Most importantly today, my single bed that I have been sleeping on;  in your room (for 18 months) has been dismantled....and you and getting to have your room all to yourself! Loads more space to play! 

We have made a play area by your bookshelves and  a quiet 'story corner' with a brand new 'chair bed' comfy seat (in case you need me or someone to sleep in with you at any point.)  

Your soft glow moon light is above it with a bookcase. It looks really lovely, and your little face was a picture when I took you up to see it, you were so shocked, with your little hand gestures...followed by "wow" in your tuneful little tone. 

You certainly seemed to like it... and there were no complaints from you at all at bed time. In fact you were quite eager to hop into bed with your milk... so grown up!

As I anxiously ponder over whether to turn off the landing light or not, while you sleep so soundly in your perfect little dreamworld, snuggled in your toddler bed with your favourite toys. It is safe to say you are more ready to grow up, than I am ready to let go of what we have had; just the two of us and our bed time snuggles. I am pretty sure I know who will be getting the better sleep tonight.... night night Theo, my darling boy, my chubby little cherub chops.... Until Morning xx

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