Wednesday, 6 January 2016

2015 you have been amazing...

Well what can I say... 2015 you truly have been the best year of my life so far!

There is so much I want to say about how wonderful life has been this last year, and my only sorrow lies in how quickly time has passed, and how many amazing moments are now merely memories, making way for more.

2015 is the year I failed at blogging! Yes I definitely failed there, but in hindsight...I don't care. I mean, I absoloutely wish in some ways I had documented everything in writing, rather than just in copious amounts of facebook photographs, and status's about Soft Play...but we really have been just too busy. Too busy having fun, enjoying the moment, working hard at other things (not to mention dealing with the mandatory pregnancy exhaustion and sickness.)
Don't get me wrong though, documenting/journaling my boy's life is of massive importance to me. I want to leave our little legacy of memories down on paper (or floating in a tiny morsel of web space) in the hope they can be revisited in the future; by our older selves. So we can look back at how things have changed, and laugh, and cry, remembering what has gone before. I read my last post (the letter to my son poem) before writing this, and realised how much has already slipped my mind, and how many things I haven't written down that I wanted to since then.

I feel that because I started a 'blog' I suppose I felt over pressured to create 'content' as people might read it... and not just being true to what 'Being Mamma' is about. Which is just that. A diary of what it is like 'being mamma.'

Therefore I am going to use this as just that. A diary, a log of our adventures, with some cute pictures along the way. Documenting the things that feel important, and the emotions along the way. I am not doing this to please other people, but to look back and be pleased that I spent a moment to reflect on what I wonderful time I am having.

This in itself has felt cathartic, as I was feeling pressure from myself just to put something down to explain why I hadn't kept up with it...but seriously. Life happens..and you just have to go with it... so here we go! X

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