Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Silly poem to my baby. May I never forget this time x

A letter to my baby, 
you're only 10 months old
getting stronger everyday,
(and heavier to hold)

I felt I had to put this down,
In so short time, you've come so far, 
And I dare not forget a moment, 
of how wonderful you are.          

You now stand unaided,
'Testing' every door, 
Such a sense of accomplishment,
Pulling open every drawer.

Your mobility amazes me,
already learned to climb the stairs,
cruising around the living room, 
supported by the chairs.

Your energy is unstoppable,
Until the time you go to bed,
Exploring every inch of ground,
(I need eyes in the back of my head!)

So I  tidy and I hoover,
I think I've managed every chore,
and you still find every little fluff,
that lingers on the floor...

 I'm sure it isn't tasty
but determined, you'll still try, 
and like lightning crawl away from me,
a cheeky glint across your eye.

Everything is an adventure,
so many things brand new ,
Often I wish I could see things,
from your sweet unjaded view.

Your laugh, it is infectious,
It never fails to make me smile
your sense of humour (so developed)
for such a tiny little guy

You feel emotions deeply
clench your fists and shout, when mad.
I can't help but chuckle to myself,
you're such a funny little lad,

There's only one food, that you don't like,
Blue veined Stilton cheese,
everything else goes down a treat
(especially strawberries and ice cream) 

Your a showman, love the lime light,
do lots of actions with your arms, 
you flirt with all the ladies,
with your cutest baby charm.

You love to be praised for doing things,
and turn to me, for reaction, 
playing games and reading stories,
you love the interaction, 

As for TV it's Waybaloo
that currently has your vote
and Disney films with singing in
(as you chew on the remote)

I think Queen Elsa' is still a favourite,
With that song, 'Let it go'
For the millionth time I've heard her, 
watched her running in the snow.

Dolly fast becomes a faithful friend 
both playing tug of war, 
but you are still a bit too interested 
in her tail, ears and paws.

You babble away, your made up words
a language sweet divine, 
you say say 'Muma', 'Dada', 'Hiya' too
and 'Yea' all the time 

There's very little that you hate, 
but getting dressed is number one, 
in 2nd place, closely behind,
Is the changing of your bum

The bath, is a favourite place, 
with rubber ducks and bubbles 
followed by a towel rub, 
and lovely mummy snuggles

Now your bathed and changed, and in your bed 
but of course it won't last long
your not quite yet accustomed 
to sleeping on your own.
But for a couple of hours i'll watch you,
on the baby monitor screen, 
chest rising up and down,
drifting in and out of dreams.

And every now and then, 
I'll come upstairs to watch you breathe,
my most amazing creation,
my beloved masterpiece.

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  1. Wonderful Poem, now you will never forget those first 10 months, every time you read it, the memories will flood back.