Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Sofa Style Struggles...

After a long wait, my beautiful grey shaded leather sofa has NOT arrived! Safe to say, I'm not impressed, given that it has taken the company 3 weeks to inform me it will not be coming at all...
They apparently can no longer source the fabric. (Even though I was told it would be with me in a few days, TWICE!)

Anyway Rant over, onwards and upwards!

It took me a very, VERY long time to decide on the sofa in the first place, as I have never been a fan of the look of leather sofas, yet with a little mess machine, I thought modern and wipe-able won, over the more desirable teal Chesterfield.

A sofa is a strong focal point within any room design, and as I cannot source this same (or similar) from anywhere else, it looks as though the original living room plans have gone out of the window entirely.

Soft greys, heritage teals and ballet shoe pinks are shades of the past, for this house anyway.Delicate  accents, Moroccan tea-light holders, bohemian drapes and pom pom cushions no longer have a place within the new space; dictated and dominated by a soon to arrive BLACK AND WHITE COUCH!

I cannot believe I have said it, but yes, you read it right. They have offered me a different (more expensive) sofa set, for the same price (due to the inconvenience) a million miles away (to me) from what I had planned.... and I've ACCEPTED.

I am already starting to question this decision, but life throws these obstacles around, and to hell with it, I'm going to make it work. It isn't what I planned (by any stretch) and the sofa is more 'Starship Enterprise meets Formula One' than my intended 'Grey Serenity,' but I'm going with the flow. Room styling has taken a 180.

Here's hoping I CAN actually make it work into an artistic and eclectic space, rather than a tacky boy racer room...

I'm going to be bold (but not as bold as the sofa) and say Italian style and monochrome are always 'in' 'Classic even!?'

Here are some of my styling ideas.

Have I gone entirely mad?


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