Saturday, 19 November 2016

Pre-School and Puree's...Tantrums and Teeth!

Well what a month or so this has been! I would be misleading you if I didn't acknowledge my sheer level of what can only be described as an amalgamation of Anxiety and 'knackered-ness' ... a constant 'flying by the seat of my pants' venture, juggling tantrums with teething, puree's with pre-school and just to make things really interesting; an emergency ambulance escapade, to add to this thriller of a narrative...

So much happening, so little time... Mummy needs a glass of wine!

This month has been full of firsts for you both, my beautiful boys, Milo you have started to eat real 'proper' non boob food... Puree'ing like a Pro! Sucking on your little bag of strawberries (or spag bol!) You just can't get enough! While Master Theodore, you have taken your first strides into the big wide world (Pre School) without me!

I'm not sure which I have found more daunting, but it is safe to say I have been feeling very out of control and a little scared of the world at times! The potential for choking has me petrified..palpitations the lot, followed by a mounting trepidation of letting someone else look after my big baby!

The choking is a logical fear, maybe Pre-School not so much...however since birthing you two beautiful boys I have undoubtedly become a self confessed 'control freak' in every way, whilst gently attachment parenting, in the best way I can... on a wing and a prayer!

What I can't seem to get my head around is the lack of information that crosses over...Teachers see me coming and avert all eye contact! Of course I want to know  if you have been on the potty, what you have had for snack, the activities you played, the emotions you went through and the songs you sang, (apparently your own choice, regardless of what the others are doing lol) did you get teary? Did you smile? Were you happy? BLAH BLAH They have much more important things to do than comfort me...when you are only there for 3 hours! But I just can't help but wish there was camera's, like a baby monitor so I could watch you ponder about your little business...

I suppose I have to stop looking at it like I have lost you to the world of mainstream education forever, and just relay to myself that you are indeed just going for a play with other children your age, for a couple of hours twice a week...this is NOT the end of US and our freedom, we still have plenty of hours for sillyness, baking, painting and Doh!

As it is.. You love it, you generally tell me what you have been upto, and tell me the teachers names etc. You have already been in your first 'show' for harvest festival, and 'sang' your own songs.. but mostly you were just excited we were there to see you ("Wook wook baby Miwo...wook my Daddy...WOOK My Mummy! Baby Miwo and Mummy amd Daddy!") All the mums and dads were hysterical at the dramatic excitement that flooded out of that tiny little body! I Love you Theo!

After starting your first afternoon at pre-school you seemed to get the obligatory school yard snots...and ended up poorly, but nothing out of the ordinary...little did I know I would be holding onto your tiny little body in an ambulance 2 weeks later! You hadn't been well and had been very tired and tartrum-y (which isn't really like you) then 1 day you just were burning up and we couldn't cool you down, you weren't speaking, just sleeping and hiding from the Tv light, you were so floppy, I was panicked. They sent for an ambulance for you and I held on so tightly to your clammy little body, holding back my tears in trying to reassure you, singing 'Let it go' and 'I'm a fluffy little cloud', to calm you.

Turns out it was ( 10 days of antibiotics worthy) Tonsilitis! Phew!!! You were back to yourself in no time! I have never felt so lucky.

Since the day you were born, I honestly wake up every day and truly relish how lucky I am. Truly.

I have your parents evening coming up this week as well as your two - two and a half year review. I cannot believe ho fast time is flying, you are growing too quickly my gorgeous boy!!

Milo, you sit like a pro now and crawl backwards at the speed of light! You have 2 big teeth on the bottom and 4 all cut through on the top (getting bigger by the day) You haven't enjoyed the process (neither have I) lots of sleep deprivation for us both, comfort feeds seem to help..until you bite!! Then I could cry in harmony! you too are very resilient though and more often than not wake up with a big eyed slothy smile. My Smiley Miley.

The only time you ever get really cross if when the newly experienced food runs out! god help anyone who takes away your little food filled bag of strawberries!! Or takes toast  from you... No! You are a placid little thing until you are 'wronged' then God help that person! You can really shout!!

You have a real little sense of humour, quite like Theo's in fact... a little warped! As you chuckle when you have bitten me and I shout/react. Monkey! You have also started very recently to warble 'Mumma' I. am. ecstatic!

My favourite thing for us to do together, is to have a bath, we get in together and you splash and kick about, you just love it so much. Another water baby. It is also a time for just us, a peaceful but playful time, where I can indulge you solely.
You still like to snuggle me to sleep and If I am honest, I love it too, you still feed all night, and I am happier to just flip you from side to side. Theo has shown me how quickly babies grow and change, so I just want to appreciate every little loving moment.

I am finishing this post tonight after the longest I have been away from you for (I have re-visited this post 4 times..but am always too tired to complete it!)I have been trying to earn some pennies at the Frost fair today, and Daddy has been looking after both you boys. I came home for an hour to feed you, but otherwise I haven't been with you, which is certainly not the way I like it. You gave me the most gorgeous smiley Miley welcome when I came back though...and now refuse to be removed from my person..!

We have had a gorgeous night, just you boys, dolly and me, all laughing and giggling and being nutters. Lots of Love in the air and plenty of craziness...too many stories and too much pudding, but life is short and time is precious! (Sometimes it's nice to stay up later with chocolate mousse!)

Well 5 stories later and a feed for Milo, both my precious treasures are soundly sleeping. After a long day, I had an only family stuff rule tonight (no work) and I have now managed to finish this post, so I would call this a super successful Saturday night.

Until next time xxx

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