Monday, 5 January 2015

My Breastfeeding experience 8-12 weeks- #3 Feeding, bleeding and one handed reading - Positive Steps and Tongue Tie revision

I write this one handed, with a baby on one breast, and a loaned electric pump re creating the sound of a noisy printer on the other. I have been loaned an electric pump from the hospital, to try and get my supply in my sore side up. At first I definitely rebelled the idea, as I felt like a cow being milked; completely unnatural, filling me with dread. However after slowly easing myself into it; I think it is working. I am still only getting an ounce a side, but I am pleased enough with that. 

Another positive is the Tongue Tie revision. I was extremely apprehensive about the procedure, but it was very quick, the frenulum was cut with scissors, not the laser, but he was actually more upset that the lady had taken him away from me, than at the actual procedure itself. A bit of gauze to stop the bleeding later, and he was fine and feeding on the boob. I can't say it was instantly different, as there was so much bruising, any attachment was going to be sore, but since then it has certainly been better. 

The biggest change is that feeds have gone from being 45 mins to an hour on either side, to merely 20 mins a side, and he managed to put on 12 ounces in just over a fortnight at his last weigh in! That really was music to my ears!

If all that positivity wasn't enough, his 'wind' and tummy pain seems to have dramatically reduced, since the revision, but also since changing my diet. I am a vegetarian, and I eat a LOT of vegetables and hot sauce. In fact I eat hot sauce on everything, I carry it in my bag for restaurants and even have it instead of butter on toast....but I won't be for a while now. I have been researching the affects of food consumption and how, or if it travels into the breast milk, no one seems to be certain, but cutting out the majority of the vegetables and spicy foods seems to have helped dramatically. I tested it and had cabbage one day, and he was bad again. So bread, potatoes and pasta it is... my baby weight won't be going anywhere quickly!

My local breastfeeding group has been a nice support recently, and although I was very defensive of the idea, it's nice to share my experiences with like-minded people, as non of my friends breastfeed.

 I have now reached my 3 month feeding marker today! I made it, but  I am not giving up now. I wan't to sit back and enjoy it, as hopefully we are on the right track! We still have the occasional tempered headbutting of the armpit, and face planting into the breast... but I think i'd miss that if he got too proficient!

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