Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Milo poem

Hello Smiley Miley
(A name so very fitting)
For my funny, gorgeous little boy
(Who is forever dribbling!)

Still only 7 teeth 
Make up your funky little grin
A big gap between the front two
(You could fit some money in)

Big eyes full of twinkling mischief
Turn to half moons when you laugh
Giving cheeky, cheesy smiles
For some funny photographs

Already you're a joker
With a humour like your brother
You bite me (Hard) then laugh...
(Cheeky little buggar!)

You two already play together , 
Rolling around on the floor
Dolly gets involved too
3 way tug of war...

Theo likes to ride you (like a horse)
No matter how many times I say no...
You don't seem to mind..
But he's to heavy for u to 'Go!'

You can now crawl at the speed of light
Round the furniture you walk
Trying your best to talk

Nothing is safe from your reach
You grab everything you see
Table covers off
Pan handles, mugs of tea!

I hoover twice a day now,
Pick up every fluff (or screw!?)
If i've lost it, you have found it
Straight in your mouth to have a chew

Laptop wires are tasty
Holes are for putting fingers in
Cupboards are for opening and shutting

And exploring what's within

Bought so many toys for you to bite
So many things for you to play
But its empty bottles, packets and Baby Wipes! 

That really make your day!

The only way you'll be imprissoned
Is in the jumparoo
15 minutes of manic bouncing 
Like a baby kanagroo

The high chair now can't contain you 
Once fed out you climb
So many things to see and do
Sitting just wastes time

When your finally exhausted
You're danced around to sleep
Not yet in a cot
You are still snuggled up with me

A boob monster without question
Milk is your favourite tasty treat
however there is very little (apart from greens)
That you don't seem to eat! 

Such a Mummy's boy, (for now at least)
and I cherish every snuggle
Even the onse at 4am 
when tiredness is a struggle

For i know how quick this time goes
I wish I could press pause
So I could immerse in every moment
of this wonderous life of your's

A 10 month poem for you, Milo
I wrote one for your brother
And seemed only right 
That I should do another

To make note of all your little quirks
The funny things you do
I daren't forget these moments
And the things that make you, you.

With love Always 



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