Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Exciting Update!

Okay, so some of you may have noticed my blogging has taken a bit of a back seat these last few weeks, and I do apologise, but I have a good reason...or so I believe. There hasn't even been any fashion Friday posts... however this is due to my distinct lack of any fashion forward behaviour of late, leggings, baggy t-shirts and a floppy topknot has been my uniform of choice... as I've been packing! Yes packing! I'M MOVING HOUSE!

I have had weeks of phone calls, emails, hoop jumping and uncertainty, but it's finally happening, in 2 days I get they Keys to my New Home! I can now officially say I am excited, rather than stressed...

Only the kitchen left to pack up here, and some little odds and ends (like reducing the piles of laundry!) and we're off!

I have only been in my current home a year, and I am sure some think I am mad for moving so soon, yet I have been waiting for my preferred location to pop up, and with a garden, and wholla! These things don't come up often and certainly don't stay around forever, so with a ton of large and heavy boxes..off I pop!

Don't get me wrong, It's no Mansion or Palace... yet (she says..) but I cannot wait to work some 'arty magic' on this little home, that I intend to spend the foreseeable future in. Hello Pinterest :)

SO YES, you can expect some decorating and design updates.. as well as how I manage it with a tiny tot, now trying to stand unaided (yikes!) and a very tiny and attention demanding Jack Russell.... I should say 'if' I manage it!

Come along with us for our moving journey, new home designing, accessory picking, and eventually settling into just living, being mamma,  x

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